Quintin Mikell – Lessons from the Former NFL Safety

YouTube conversation with Quintin Mikell

How to Stand Out:

If you listen to the interview, Quintin speaks about his time in training camp, and how he was able to ‘stand out’ amongst the others who were trying to also make the team.

One of the ways he did this, was by making sure he was around EVERY tackle. That way when the coaches watched film, they’d see his number in on EVERY play, whether it was on his side of the field or not. This was his way of standing out, and then also allowing his performance to do the talking for him!

We can all find ways to stand out in our own unique niches!

How to Answer Adversity:

Quintin didn’t get drafted like he had hoped. And honestly, he was super frustrated on draft night because he really wanted to have that to his name, to say he was ‘drafted.’ In the interview you’ll hear him speak about the experience he had with this father when his dad asked him “how are you feeling?” And when “Q” answered back with “I’m pissed off..” His dad responded with “well what are you going to do about it?”

That’s when Quintin mentioned he was going to make sure they knew that he had made a mistake!

He talks about the morning when he left for camp, and how he took all of his belongings because he convinced himself he wasn’t coming back home. He was going to make the team regardless!

Flash forward to the end of his career and Quintin Mikell played for a total of 11 seasons in the NFL. So I think it’s safe to say, he ‘did something about it.’

Let us all remember that adversity WILL strike in life, and it’s how we respond to it that truly matters!

Time Management and Speed of the Game:

The transition from High School to College for athletes can often times be a very difficult one. Forget just the athletic side of it all, now you have to manage your time with the classroom and all that comes with it, without the guidance of your parents and such that are at home with you most of the time.

Budgeting and managing your time properly to make sure you’re on time to class, to practice, and to whatever engagements you have, is essential and a hard one for many student-athletes who aren’t used to that type of responsibility.

Importance of Film:

In the game of football, the importance of watching film really comes into play when you get to the college level. It’s a skillset in and of itself quite honestly.

You might be a phenomenal football player but sometimes those guys simply don’t know HOW to study the game. They don’t know HOW to watch film, so they essentially end up getting passed up by the guys who do.

Understanding how to study the game you are competing in, can help you have a MASSIVE advantage as you’ll be able to understand the tendencies of others and what not.

In whatever industry you happen to be part of, if you know how to STUDY it, you can have an advantage. Even if you aren’t the best ‘athlete’ or ’employee’ or ‘sales rep.’ Studying the market, and studying the industry can help you have a MASSIVE advantage!!

Check out the whole episode by listening below!!

Shane Larson – The Gametime Guru