Liam Campbell – St Mary’s Newest Addition

Listen to the full interview with Liam Campbell on this latest episode

Welcome to the latest episode of The Gametime Guru! In this episode, we sit down with Liam Campbell, the standout 6’5 forward hailing from Meridian, Idaho. Liam’s meteoric rise in the basketball world culminated in him being named the 2023-24 Idaho MaxPreps High School Basketball Player of the Year, a testament to his stellar performance leading Owyhee High School to a remarkable 24-3 record.

We delve deep into Liam’s journey, tracing his evolution over the past three years and exploring the pivotal role of defense in his game, and how that became a major focus for him as he continued to grow!  From the intensity of practices at Owyhee High to the invaluable guidance of the coaching staff, Liam shares insights into the foundations of his success.

Join us as we unravel the mysteries behind Liam’s recruiting trail, including his decision to shift from USC, and gain his perspective on the dynamics of club basketball. Discover the sacrifices he’s made to elevate his game and the habits that fuel his drive for greatness both on and off the court.

Whether you’re a basketball aficionado or simply curious about the mindset of an emerging talent, this episode promises to be both enlightening and inspiring. Don’t miss out—subscribe to The Gametime Guru now for this exclusive interview and much more!

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Full Video with Liam Campbell on YouTube