K-Scott is THE man!

When I tell you that you want to tune into this one, I’m not lying! This is a fantastic episode and an amazing opportunity for you to learn from someone who has leveraged their hard work and talents they put into the sport they played, and is now using them for their business endeavors outside of sport. 

Kenneth Scott played Wide Receiver for the University of Utah. During his tenure there, he sustained some serious injuries, and we’ll chat about the mental battles and difficulties that come along with those. How did he overcome them? What was the importance of having a solid support system?! 

We’ll discuss the hard work it took to get to a level of being able to compete at the D1 level of football for a very solid program. Physically and mentally and culturally. What was the biggest difference between Salt Lake City, Utah and where Kenneth (K-Scott) came from? 

Outside of football, K-Scott now is an author (I’ll link his book down below), a speaker, an educator and much more! He’s continuing to share insights from his playing days through various avenues and helping athletes, leaders, and others who are aspiring to be better. 

I’m so excited to share this interview with the world, so please listen in and take notes!! 

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  • I purchased Pressure No Match for Purpose and absolutely love this book!!


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“You’ve got to strike while the iron’s hot” – K. Scott