Jeramiah Dickey

I had the awesome opportunity to learn from the Athletic Director at Boise State University last summer and this week I get to share with you the interview I conducted with him!

Jeramiah Dickey has some amazing insights into what it’s like to be an AD at a college like Boise State. See, BSU doesn’t have the same athletic budget as some other major universities, but the fanbase has the expectations that it must be able to compete with those major universities in the major sports (like football and basketball).

While that is most certainly not impossible, it does make things more difficult when you are trying to keep coaches and recruits to stay at the school long-term.

There is also so much more that goes into being an AD that it can’t just be stated here in this blog, so I’ll encourage you to listen to the episode here when you get the chance.

I’ve always been curious how the football revenue impacts the other sports. Like how can you get Volleyball to remain if you don’t sell football tickets? Because see, football is the major revenue generating sports that then supplements and supports all the other sports. When your football program at Boise State does well, the school and other sports programs feel that. And vice versa too!

This is why I am so grateful for Jeramiah’s time he spent with me amidst his crazy schedule. Because this is such a good thing for most of the public to learn about. We only see our side of it as fans, yet we have NO CLUE what’s going on behind the scenes!!

If you aspire to be in an administration position such as this one, it’s important you listen to this podcast!

Oh and don’t forget you can also listen to the show on YouTube! We have the video version of the podcast there if you’d like to listen to it!

Let me know what you think of the show! Thanks everyone!

Shane Larson

The Gametime Guru