In the final episode to essentially complete the “Whiting House of Hoopers” series, I got to speak with Jace Whiting, who most recently played his first two years of college basketball at Boise State University, before recently transferring to UNLV where he’ll pick up where he left off.

Prior to interviewing Jace, I was able to speak with his dad and sister (Trent and Amari) in an awesome episode about Trent’s professional basketball career and Amari’s high school career (prior to her heading to BYU). That episode was so much fun and you can hear it all here:

Interview between Shane Larson and Trent and Amari Whiting, discussing their basketball careers and the house of hoopers that is the Whiting family

The next episode I had was with the mom of the house, and current BYU Women’s basketball coach, Amber Whiting (yes Amari and Amber play together just like the high school days!!)

Amber’s story was one that was super inspiring for many aspiring coaches out there who are scared to take chances on themselves!! I’d encourage you all to take a listen to that one as well:

Interview between Shane Larson and Amber Whiting – Head Coach for BYU Women’s Basketball

Now we hear from Jace (who at the time of the previous two interviews was on his Church Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!

I’ve always had respect for Jace because when he returned home from his mission, it seemed like from the outside looking in, he was committed to getting himself back on track and he got in shape to where he could perform at a high level.

In this interview we also chat about the impact his faith has on him as an athlete! it’s a conversation many Christians should tap into because it’s so important to know how much a belief in something can have on you OUTSIDE of just church.

Make sure to listen to our full interview below! You’ll be glad that you did!