Brandon Barnes: Former MLB Outfielder and VP of Athlete Narrative

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Brandon Barnes was initially going to college to be a football player. But Baseball took over in his blood and he had to change course!! What is crazy about that though, is that he changed his course to baseball and ABSOLUTELY took the bull by the horns. 

Today we’ll hear of his incredible journey which was FULL of ups and downs. He spent SEVEN years in the minors. Many people telling him that his dream of playing in the big leagues was over. But with the support of his spouse along with his relentless pursuit of his own dreams, he kept going and found himself playing in the Majors! 

We’ll get to hear about his experiences through the minors as well as his time in the big league with the Houston, Colorado, and Cleveland! (trust me there are some amazing stories and life lessons along the way) 

What I love is how relatable he is to the younger athletes out there today! His story is one of passion and drive and overcoming failure! I want to encourage every young athlete to listen to this episode and take notes on the amazing insight Brandon shares. 

We’ll also hear about the skillsets that he learned through Baseball that translate directly to his business life. Whether it be Real Estate or with his role at Athlete Narrative (which he is a VP of), he can directly translate some of these skills to the business world, and I REALLY want you to take note of this as well. 

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