Avery Howell: McDonald’s All-American

“You know, I’ve been following Avery Howell for the last couple of years here in Idaho, and just watching how she’s taken the women’s basketball game by storm here in the state of Idaho. I mean, you hear her name everywhere. And it’s not just in the high school basketball scene, it’s on the club circuit, and she was a McDonald’s All-American.

She’s gonna be playing for the Canadian National Team. She’s going to USC. She is a phenom, and she’s an amazing individual.

And today, we’re gonna talk to her and get to learn about who she is, and learn about her journey, and hear about the work that it takes to actually get to that level. She didn’t just end up as a USC recruit. She didn’t just end up there.

It took a lot of work, a lot of sacrifice, as you will hear today. Early mornings consistently over time, the compound interest effect of just consistently waking up early mornings every single day, putting in the work before school, and doing that time and time and time again as she continued to rise. We’ll talk about how she handles the pressure and the spotlight that’s[…]”

From The Gametime Guru: Avery Howell: 2024 McDonald’s All-American and Idaho Basketball Phenom, Jun 7, 2024


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